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Gilligans Bar


Gilligans Nightlife

Did you know we are World famous for what we do in the World of entertaining people who come from all over the planet to experience us?

Open 7 nights per week with entertainment for everyone! From nightly promotions and games such as Gilligan’s Got Talent, Beer Pong, Trivia, Wildlife Show, Jelly Wrestling, Wet T-Shirt and much more. Join us on the back deck nightly for live entertainment with Cairns finest live entertainers.
Weekends there is no other place you would rather be with the biggest and best acts from Australia as regular guests. From Dj’s, to live acts we’ve got you covered! Plus make sure you are in town for one of our world-famous theme parties, Sinners Ball and Halloween and Ultraglow.

From The Annual Sinners Ball to our party nights we have put in a lot of work to create your best night out and the party experiences of a lifetime. We bring all the biggest acts from far and wide and put on a show as you have never seen before. Be sure to check out what is coming up and the memories we are creating with people nightly – see our socials to get the minute by minute updates.


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