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Aboriginal Culture at Tjapukai Cairns

Experience Aboriginal Culture at Tjapukai in Cairns

Learning the history of a place can be one of the most exciting parts of visiting. Australia has an Aboriginal culture that dates back well over 40,000 years. This experience adds to the richness of the continent and is certainly an aspect that you don’t want to miss. Here are 4 ways you can understand and enjoy the Aboriginal culture of Australia at Tjapukai in Cairns, Tropical North Queensland!


Learn through dance

Like many traditional cultures, the Aboriginal people told stories through dance. In the dance theatre at Tjapukai Culture Village, you can join in a corroboree celebration that communicates some of the most essential elements of Aboriginal culture with movement. Hear the Djabugay language in song, learn dances, and discover exactly what happens in a fire-making ceremony.


Learn through activities

If you’re bringing a big group or you’re not someone who likes to sit still, boomerang and spear throwing is something you’ll absolutely need to put on your list of things to do. You’re heading back to a time when clan discipline was essential because these weapons were used to defend tribes from warfare. At Tjapukai Culture Village, the Tjapukai warriors will teach you not only about the different weapons from Aboriginal times but also how to throw the return boomerang properly, so it returns to you.


Learn through medicine

Got a budding doctor in your family or happen to be a medicine man or woman yourself? Spend time learning all about what Aboriginal people ate (bush food!) and how they kept themselves healthy with the Bush Foods and Medicine Presentation. If you’re someone who often finds themselves wishing natural remedies were more utilised, this will be right up your alley. You’ll learn the different native plants, seeds, and fruits that are appropriate to eat and remedy illness as well as interesting survival facts.


Learn through Night Fire

If you want to make an entire of night of your experience learning about Aboriginal culture (rather than just a few daytime activities), book Night Fire with Tjapukai while you’re in Cairns. This is the signature event at the Tjapukai Cultural Village where you’ll get to meet the Indigenous rainforest people. You’ll get a hands-on experience with face paint, a celebratory corroboree, traditional language songs, and a ceremonial fire being lit. Finally, you’ll enjoy a dinner of traditional Australian food with Indigenous flavours. It’s a full night of cultural entertainment that the entire family or group can enjoy.


Final thoughts

Cairns is the perfect destination to learn about Aboriginal culture. This is one stop that absolutely cannot be missed on your itinerary. Whether you love learning through dance, facts, food or celebration, there’s something for everyone at Tjapukai Cultural Village.

Looking to learn more about how you can experience where Australia begins? Visit Tjapukai’s website here to understand more about how Australia’s history and culture can fit into your trip.


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