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Bungy Jump in Far North Queensland

Why You Should Bungy Jump in Far North Queensland

Some people aren’t thrill-seekers, but for others, they can’t wait to feel that rush of adrenaline and just let go of any fear that they have in their bodies. If you’re one of the latter, then bungy jumping at AJ Hackett Cairns should be on your bucket list. Keep reading to learn why you should bungy jump in Far North Queensland.


  1. To see an incredible view

    Bungy Jump in Far North Queensland

    Bungy Jump in Far North Queensland with AJ Hackett

Here’s the thing. Bungy jumping may sound crazy, but if you’re going to do something crazy like skydive or bungy jump, you should do it in one of the most beautiful places in the entire world. And that way, when you’re falling, you’re looking at absolutely breathtaking scenery. Many have said that this made it all the more worthwhile to fall from a plane or a bridge and see the Swiss alps or a breathtaking gorge at the same time; it provided them an entirely new perspective that they never would have had otherwise.


AJ Jacket Cairns has a bungy jumping tower that is “perched above a gorgeous pool of clear, crisp mountain water and surrounded by waterfalls and tropical rainforest.” Does it get better than that? Why, yes it does. The view from the top of the tower has views to Green Island where the Great Barrier Reef can be seen. Not only are you experiencing something that most others will not in their lifetime, but you’re doing it in a place that millions of others will never visit. How powerful is that?


  1. To face your fears


Perhaps you’ve always had a fear of heights or fear of falling. Wanting to face your fears is courageous and admirable. If you’re looking for a way to conquer a fear once and for all, no one can take this away from you. Snap as many pictures and videos as you need for proofs and you show everyone that you have what it takes to jump off a tower. That takes guts!


  1. To say, “Why not?!” in an incredible place


Far North Queensland may have been a place you’ve dreamed of visiting your entire life but didn’t know if you’d ever get there. The ability to say, “Why not?!” when you’re finally on vacation is an admirable trait. It’s time to take that leap of faith and be adventurous. If there’s any part of you that wants to take advantage of the moment, then just do it! You won’t regret it. If anything, you’ll end up remembering it as a funny time you took advantage of some courage. Just be sure to have someone snap some pictures of you in the process.

Last Thought – Just do it!

When you’re on vacation, you’re exposed to all kinds of new experiences you wouldn’t necessarily take advantage of in your everyday life. Let bungy jumping be one of those at AJ Hackett Cairns in Far North Queensland. With just a few seconds of courage, you’ll have an incredible memory of spectacular views!






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