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Where is Cairns?

Where is Cairns?

Where exactly is Cairns? Have you heard of Far North Queensland in Australia?


If you’re planning a trip to Australia, chances are that Sydney and Melbourne are at the top of your list. But what about cities outside of those destinations? Where else should you see in Australia that will round out your visit to one of Earth’s lesser-visited seven continents?

Cairns, pronounced “cans,” is one of the most famous and popular destinations in Australia. It’s located in Far North Queensland among the rainforests and right near the stunning Great Barrier Reef. Here’s everything you need to know about where Cairns is located and why it might be worth a stop on your visit.


Where is Cairns located?

Upon arriving in Australia, you may begin to hear “Victoria,” “Queensland,” “New South Wales,” and other like terms thrown around in reference to the region you’re in. These terms refer to the founding states of the new Commonwealth of Australia. There are six in total.


  1. New South Wales (think Sydney)
  2. Victoria (think Melbourne)
  3. Queensland (think Cairns)
  4. South Australia (think Adelaide)
  5. Western Australia (think Perth)
  6. Tasmania (think Hobart)


There are also territories within Australia (ten total), but the two that you might hear of when you’re there are the Australian Capital Territory, where the capital Canberra is located, and the Northern Territory, where Darwin is located.


All this to say, if you’re headed up to Cairns, you’re going to see an entirely different part of Australia than if you’re sticking around Melbourne in Victoria and Sydney in New South Wales. This makes it entirely worth the adventure up north, and there’s a ton to see.


Cairns’ highlights

While the city feels of Melbourne and Sydney are spectacular, Cairns is a spot absolutely surrounded by UNESCO World Heritage highlights. This is the place where you can snorkel or SCUBA dive the Great Barrier Reef, which is widely considered Australia’s greatest gift to the world.


The Kuranda Rainforest is also a sight to see for many who go. Kuranda is a village 25 kilometres northwest of Cairns itself. Trains and gondolas tag team to get you up and back. You’re guaranteed to see waterfalls, ravines, and so much more.


There’s also much for the adventure seeker in Cairns. Whether you’re looking for whitewater rafting, dolphin and whale-watching, a hot air balloon ride or a visit to Undara Volcanic National Park, there’s something for everyone. Cairns’ popularity has lent itself to high-quality tourism and memorable activities for visitors. You can find something for everyone in your group and even include children and seniors you’ve brought along!


Plan your next trip to Cairns


When you’re planning your next trip to Australia, be sure to head up to Far North Queensland and add Cairns to your itinerary. While the town itself is small (fewer than 170,000 in population). It’s one of the main spots in the state of Queensland and hosts more than enough activities to keep everyone happy. Go for the Great Barrier Reef and stay for everything else!


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